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HEER M43 Feldmütze, Field cap


New improved version of  M43 HEER field cap (Einheitsfeldmütze )with improved BeVo insignia - Elsenau made. Cap body constructed of standard mid war quality field grey 100% wool. Fabric is made in Germany , by a mill that made it during the War. This Fieldgray wool looks and feels like the real thing. Lining is 100% heavy viscose, colour is very similar to original I have in collection.

Pattern for this Feldmütze comes from original disassembled cap, every single detail was copied straight from authentic example.

What is new?

-New buttonholes made with separate bartack

- New, improved BeVo insignia, copied from original example - Elsenau made ( Factory sewn, not through the lining)

- New, double sided, heavy, 100% rayon lining, same as original

For right fit, measure head above ears and order Your size.

  • Ear muff loops and white binding tape are German WWII production

  • Buttons are reproduction, painted with computer mixed feldgrau colour.
  • The machine woven  trapezoid - factory straight sewn to the cap's front (Elsenau Made)

  • Pattern is the same as original, with all small details and tweaks.
  •  Viscose, rayon lining, used in most original  M43 Feldmützen


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