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HEER Breast Eagle


All BeVo Eagles are pre- folded- ready for sewing.

Breast Eagles available here are all (and only) made by Elsenau Militaria, and are not offered by others vendors. 

1)  Reproduction of M34 Pre Breast eagle

2) Reproduction of M36 Breast eagle

3) Reproduction of M40 Breast eagle this is the most common Wartime eagle. Correct for HEER M40/42/43 Tunics.

4) Late war HEER breast eagle, used on M43 and M44 Feldblusen.
Reproduction made on 100% cotton fabric.

5) M44 Breast Eagle - BeVo, triangular intended for use on the M44 tunics, rarely seen on M43 tunics. 

6) Reproduction of HEER Panzer breast eagle.

All of them are ELSENAU   MILITARIA made and are  NOT   AVAILABLE     ELSEWHERE!


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