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M40 EM/NCO Shoulder Boards

M40 Shoulder boards made of reproduction wool from Germany (100% wool) that mached best with original field gray colour, cotton/rayon mixed piping and rayon/cotton twill tonque reinforcements. 

Buttonholes are same type as original "keyhole" type with bartack(cut before). In this type of buttonhole there is no fabric between the stitching lines. This is because the cut-before
machine will first cut the buttonhole slit and eyelet, then stitch the
buttonhole. The stitching overcasts the raw edges of the cut, preventing
them from fraying.

Waffenfarbe colours:

Infanterie - White
Artillerie - Red
Aufklärungs - golden yellow
Nachrichten - lemon yellow
Feldgendarmerie - Orange
Propagandakompanie - light grey
Jäger/Gebirgsjäger -Light Green
Panzergrenadier - Dark Green
Pionier - Black
Panzerjäger -Pink
Sanitäter/Artz - Blue
Kradschützen - copper brown
Nebeltruppen - bordo

Many reproduction have flybar buttonhole type what is not correct.


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