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Waffen SS EM Sleeve Eagle


1-2 -Waffen SS Enlisted man- BeVo sleeve eagle (pre folded, ready for sewing)

(2) Waffen SS Enslisted man Bevo sleeve eagle  (Elsenau production, pre folded, ready for sewing)

3)Waffen SS Enlisted man sleeve eagle - Early war ( Worn on M36, M40 Tunics) 

4-5 )  So called "Dachau pattern" - Waffen SS Enlisted man sleeve eagles, embroidered with white or gray thread, copied from original Dachau eagle from my collection.  Used by the Waffen SS  on wool tunics, hbt, and 44 dot tunics as well as greatcoats

All eagles was zig-zag (or rarely straight) stitched


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