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Heer Einheitsfeldmütze M43 -TOP LINE


Heer M43 Einheitsfeldmütze made with 100% wool cloth from Germany, original insignia, bias tape and ear muff loops. This is best reproduction I can make using modern wool and some original materials.

Unfortunately, Im out of original buttons and they are harder to find, so I will be making TOP LINE M43's using reproduction buttons.
Original are not that cheap - but If You need them, my friend Jim have few pairs on his website :


I managed to find thefull roll of original Heer trapezoid insignia straight from the factory, they wasnt cheap, so unfortunately the price of the cap also increased. 

Thread is custom made feldgrau cotton.I was sended original spools of feldgrau threads to the factory to copy original

Unlike most caps of this sort, lining is heavy rayon, best quality I can get, that came from old tailor shop from 50's. Most reproductions using cotton or polyester linings (this is the era of polyester domination)

I disassembled original M43 caps and copied all small details and tricks included shape and materials of visor stiffener, it took me one day, milimeter by milimeter, just for making templates. For this moment I use 3 different patterns of HEER M43 caps.

This cap looks and feels like original

  • Wool is made in Germany , by a mill that made it during the War.
  • Original mint trapezoid insignia
  • 2 reproduction pebbled buttons (exact same colour paint as original) 
  • Thread custom made and dyed in Poland
  • 40-50's made viscose lining 
  • Ear muff loops and white binding tape are German WWII production


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