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M43 Waffen SS Feldbluse - 44R

M43 Feldbluse Waffen SS. 


Feldbluse made with 100% feldgrau wool from Germany, cotton threads and 100% rayon lining.

Without insignia, but they are available (sewing service) , reproduction pebbled and interior buttons.

Correct eyelet and button holes (cut before)

Pattern based on my original SS M43 tunic, they have the same total lenght, but different chest size for Your information. 

Check comparison photos, Original / Elsenau reproduction.

Yes! it is copy of orignial tunic, not copy of copy, or copy from photos. I thought that You all might be interested in photos of reproduction next to orignial SS Feldbluse. 

SIZE of tunic:


Height range: 176-180 cm
Chest - 112cm (Tunic have 122cm in chest)
Sleeve - 65cm
Neck: 45 (from hook to eye)
Total back lenght - 72cm

Price without insignia, ask me before buying it for insignia sewing service. 


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