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Gas mask canister straps set


Reproduction Gas mask canister straps. Cotton strap was custom weaved by mill in Poland, its 100% cotton, have same thicknes as original straps, dyed with right colour and with right weave, its far better than Bundeswehr straps with coarse weave compared to the fine weave of originals. Original strap was sended to make copy of weave and colour. This reproduction set is something different than resellers have in their offer.

Hook was made in Czech Rep, aluminium buckles are custom made in Poland, painted with feldgrau colour,  it will take off after few reenactment events – just like original. Naturally there were few manufactureres of these straps during war..

Last photo is showing gas mask can straps in sunlight

Straps will fade with some use just like an original!

Its not a strap found in local store, or on the internet, it was made to order, quality is like original.

Two options are possible:

1) Gas mask canister straps - 30 Euro

2) Gas mask canister straps + short strap for pull tab ( 20 cm ) - 35 Euro


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