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M43 Waffen SS Feldmütze with trapezoid insignia


Later War M43 Waffen SS Einheitsfeldmütze with woven trapezoid insignia - Elsenau made, compared with original trapezoid on photo ( It is currently best reproduction available on the market) .
Cap body constructed of feldgrau 100% wool fabric. Lining is 100% rayon.  The machine woven BeVo insignia are straight, factory( not through the lining) sewn to the cap's front.

High quality reproduction with small details like:

  • White binding tape under the scallop seam.
  • Pressed leather visor stiffener.
  • Ear muff loops.
  • Buttonhole made"cut-before" type. This is because the cut-before machine will first cut the buttonhole slit and eyelet, then stitch the buttonhole. The stitching overcasts the
    raw edges of the cut, preventing them from fraying.
  • Custom dyed cotton thread,


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