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M43 SS pattern Keilhosen " Italian wool"

Waffen-SS contract issue trousers "Keilhose", constructed with Italian wool, white and ligh gray cotton. Fly and pockets have SS style small black composite buttons, dished
alu buttons are used at inner waistband, to close the fly and to
secure the belt loops, all are reproduction.

About  SS contract M43 trousers:

SS contract trousers have more steeply angled hip pocket openings (nearly vertical) and the rise was several centimeters lower, Heer Keilhosen are high-waisted; the SS Keilhosen are less high-waisted but still not like modern blue jeans. Butt patch was different than in Heer trousers, edge of this part was folded and finished, not raw as in WH keilhosen. Most (but not all) SS trousers was marked with large SS style black ink stampings at the rear waistband, maker code is 910 as observed in other SS clothing.

Its hard to base on Heer Keilhosen and change them to SS, but I was lucky enough to find original salty SS contract trousers, perfect example for disassembling. 


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