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How to measure

Measure - Elsenau Militaria

1. NECK - Measure around your neck, below the Adam's Apple. Tape should be snug but not tight

2. CHEST - Measure around your chest directly under armpits and over top of nipples, sung but not tight. Make sure that tape is level. Do not puff out chest.

3. WAIST - For large bellies, measure around the fullest part of your waist/stomach, or about where your navel is. For regular or slim bellies, measure about 2 cm ABOVE where the navel is. Tape should be snug. Do not lie about this!

4. SLEEVE - Measure from top of arm at shoulder seam to where you want the cuffs to end. Typically, sleeves should end at the "pinch" of the hand, where the thumb and index finger intersect.


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