High quality German WWII uniforms, insignia and headgear for discerning reenactors and collectors


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Enlisted items are made using German-milled melton wools, Polish custom made
cotton twill and heavy weight real rayon linings. Every effort is made to replicate all the little details that will make your tunic and trousers look authentic.

Base prices for Heer and SS enlisted items:

Wool Tunics

  • M33 thru M41 Tunics :  580
  • M42 thru M43 Tunics: 480
  • M44 Tunics - 400

Wool Trousers

  • HEER M43 Trousers: 350
  • SS M43 Trousers - 400
  • FJ Jump Trousers: 460


  • Prices do not include insignia.
  • Insignia purchased from Elsenau Militaria will not incur a "sewing on" charge.
  • Prices include repro buttons.
  • Original buttons are available for purchase.
  • See order forms for complete pricing of all options.

Enlisted wools currently available (colors may appear differently on your screen)

Thread colours available:

Linings colours in original Feldblusen:

Rayon colours are: different shades of gray, green, silver, gold, brown, taupe, peach, tan..

I used the same colours based on originals I have in collection.  Feldbluse  lining could be made in one colour or mixed, same with threads.

Please note that colors often appear very different on a screen or
monitor and may not display correctly. Colors are best viewed in hand.
Swatches are available at no cost. Please contact me with the samples you want to see

1. NECK - Measure around your neck, below the Adam's Apple. Tape should be snug but not tight

2. CHEST - Measure around your chest directly under armpits and over top of nipples, sung but not tight. Make sure that tape is level. Do not puff out chest.

3. WAIST - For large bellies, measure around the fullest part of your waist/stomach, or about where your navel is. For regular or slim bellies, measure about 2 cm ABOVE where the navel is. Tape should be snug. Do not lie about this!

4. SLEEVE - Measure from top of arm at shoulder seam to where you want the cuffs to end. Typically, sleeves should end at the "pinch" of the hand, where the thumb and index finger intersect.

To place an order:

1) Fill out the forms:

  • The order form for the product you want. This is where you select the options you want.
  • The measurements form (includes measuring instructions).

2) Send the forms to me, (Right click "save image as") You can either scan and email (elsenaumilitaria@gmail.com).

3) Make payment. Once the form is received, you will receive a quote via email. Full payment is required up front to secure your order. Payment forms accepted include: paypal or wire transfer


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