High Quality WWII German Reproductions


Some photos from work on uniforms, caps etc.

But first, photos from my city where I grew up, learned, live and work (then and now)


One of all original tunics from my  collection, was published in "Feldbluse" book.

That is a period M43 Feldbluse being dissected, unfortunately without breast pockets and with lot of repairs and holes. One of customers ordered same size reproduction tunic as my old disassembled original Feldbluse.

Another M43 Feldbluse, this time very small, 86cms in chest, without lining, breast pockets, buttons and lining, many moth holes and rust stains. It was never used and still with paper tag from depot inside lower pocket.

After  a pattern are ready, they are traced directly onto cloth with chalk(Same as during WWII) and cut by fabric cutter.
One or sometimes two tunics are cut in same time, below M43 Italian wool Feldbluse:

Original Waffen SS M43 Pattern trousers (Keilhosen), in very bad condition, disassembled and ready for taking pattern from them and period tailor book.

... and reproduction made from original pattern below:


Working on M41 WH Feldbluse:

Markings for buttonholes sometimes are still visible on tunics.

M43 Feldbluse made of Italian wool, and M43 Feldmütze made of 100% original fabrics, insignia, buttons etc. I  was used this set in 2019 in the biggest EU reenactment event "Montys men 2019" in UK. ( 3 days and nights of  heavy use)

Elsenau SS M43/ Original SS M43

Elsenau WH M36 / Original WH M36

Elsenau M43 compared with original uniforms.


M43 Feldmütze visor stiffener and die for clicker press, was made based on disassembled original cardboard from damaged salty M43 cap. German used split leather and cardboard in their M43 field caps. My original cardboard internal stiffener was broken, because of heavy wear and use.

Another original M43 Feldmütze with cardboard stiffener.

Unfortunately sometimes it is hard to find fabrics that match original stuff, so they need to be custom made, like this lining for pre and early war uniforms, caps and insignia.

Some errors spotted, bellow: German original mint M43 Feldblusen...

Buttons for uniforms and caps.

Painted here, with computer mixed colours.

M43 Caps (Einheitsfeldmützen):

Original and reproduction comparison.

Pattern of body cap and peak comes from original M43 feldmütze. 
Currently Im using 4 different patterns based on my original M43 feldmützen.

Original M43 mint Einheitsfeldmütze and reproduction:

Some original headgear, that Im based on

M42 Caps (Einheitsfeldmützen)

Original and reproduction comparison.

Some original shoulder boards that are always nearby for checking details, during making reproductions here.

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